Story Circles

The AMRCP / Public Theater Story Circles

– The event is free and open to high school age students (juniors and seniors) to retirees
– A complimentary dinner will be provided to kick off the evening
– Multiple circles will be formed, to ensure all have an opportunity to share and actively listen, and each will be facilitated by local community members (trained by the incredibly talented staff of The Public Theater – based out of New York City) and The Public

As you may recall, The Public Theater is the talented group that recently brought the award-winning play ‘Sweat’ to Albion last year! Their team is eager to return to share new methods and approaches on how to best share your many experiences, as they were incredibly moved by our community’s response to their production and the dialogue/storytelling that followed.

The Public knows we have so much to share, and they are excited to help us all share our vast experiences in a new and creative light!

Come learn, come share, come find your Common Thread – and bring your neighbors with you!


A Story Circle is a small group of individuals sitting in a circle, sharing stories from their own experience – focused on a common theme. Everyone has a story to tell, and all that’s required for a story to be complete is a beginning, middle, and end.

A Story Circle is a journey into its theme, with multiple dimensions, twists, and turns. With each story shared, a larger, richer, and more complex story emerges in turn. By the end, differences and commonalities reveal themselves, and through listening to and sharing our individual stories, we strengthen both our understanding and community. In each circle, participants only listen to each other – responding is not part of the process – as this ensures a safe and brave space to be yourself and share your personal experiences.

A Story Circle is powerful, authentic and inspiring – which is exactly what you and our greater Albion-Marshall community are.

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Date(s) - Saturday, January 19, 2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Marshall Opportunity High School