Year One in Review


Beginning in October 2016, the Albion-Marshall Resilient Communities Project began to take shape. Over the year, we accomplished the following:

  • Established a community-led steering committee with 12 members, diverse by race, home community, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, experience in social justice work, etc.
  • Launched a website/registration page with help from Albion College and a Facebook page with more than 300 followers.
  • Undertook massive efforts in the area of community outreach with help from the Build Albion AmeriCorps VISTA Initiative, Albion City Council members, and others, to advertise the project and its events.
  • Hosted a kickoff community open house with over 100 people in attendance.
  • Hosted 2 educational workshops based on Starr’s Glasswing racial healing curriculum.
  • Trained over 70 law enforcement officers from Albion, Marshall, and Calhoun County Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Hosted an visual arts workshop in collaboration with local artists Sabine LeDieu, Pam and Nobel Schuler of Schuler Arts.
  • Hosted 8 community conversations; 3 in each community for affinity group discussions, and 2 that brought together both communities.
  • Provided books for over 50 community members who participated in a series of 5 book discussions in the spring. Another series is happening this fall.
  • Provided 2 field trips; one to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and another to the Holocaust Memorial Center.
  • Facilitated 2 movie screenings with discussion; one in Albion and one in Marshall.
  • Worked with Marshall Middle School students to create a mosaic representing the theme of “Brave Spaces.” Over 120 MMS students helped create the Resilient Communities Project Art Installation featured in the MMS cafeteria as a daily reminder for students.
  • Hosted an Albion-Marshall community potluck and two cookouts; one in Albion and one in Marshall.
  • Removed barriers to engagement by providing transportation assistance, childcare, and food at most events.
  • Forged an alliance with the Youngish Professionals Committee (YPC) in Marshall in order to boost Marshall engagement.
  • Forged alliances with local businesses and organizations, including Homestead Savings Bank, EastEnd Studio & Gallery, Dark Horse Commons, Team One Plastics, Albion College, both district libraries, etc. to support this important work.