Strategic Workgroup

Donisha Brewer
Founder and CEO of Don B & Co., LLC

"In order to operate in harmony, as individuals we must first be willing to come face to face with personal discord while creating equality and solutions of sufficiency in our personal lives."

Jennifer Conley Darling
President, Darling & Co.

Jennifer joined the steering committee for AMRCP because of her passion for connecting people and communities. “The residents of Albion and Marshall have so many similarities and can offer each other resources and programming, while helping one another gain more compassion and respect for us as individuals. I continue to be challenged and inspired by this work and am committed on a long-term basis.”

Linda LaNoue
Project Coordinator, Albion-Marshall Resilient Communities Project

"The youth are our future, yet we must invest in them today. The Common Thread is a way for all those invested in the youth of Albion and Marshall to connect with one another in ways they otherwise may not be able. From those connections, our communities can better foster a network of mutual respect, support, and eventually learn how to live vibrantly together."

Stacey S. Levin, Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Starr Commonwealth

“AMRCP is a call to action that encourages us to engage in healing as a community from within our cities and across our cities. Facilitated through open, honest, and ongoing dialogue, this healing is essential to helping us arrive at a place of love, understanding, hope, change, and an appreciation for the oneness of humankind.”

Ian Douglas Stewart
Director of Marketing and Communications, Starr Commonwealth

“The harder we work today to build a more just and equitable community, the stronger the sense of home and opportunity our future generations will enjoy. It’s not on them to accomplish this task…it’s on us, which is why I am eager to listen, to learn, and to grow as one – and why I am proud to be part of this great project.”

Keena Williams
Director & President's Special Advisor for Global Diversity, Albion College

Why do I do this work? I do this work because it’s necessary. I think the building of community takes work and it takes people committed to doing that in all realms - between communities, within communities, with people from diverse backgrounds. This is a challenge I willingly accept.”

AMRCP Strategic Workgroup
Members of the steering committee for year one of the project. Left to Right: Chaplain Ken Ponds, Stacy Eley, Reverend Gail Monsma, Derek Allen, Keena Williams, and Linda LaNoue