There is a Common Thread that Connects Us All

The Albion-Marshall Resilient Communities Project (AMRCP) launched in February of 2017, with the goal of cultivating a culture of respect and dignity within the greater Albion and Marshall community, while working together to create a safe, equitable place for all to live, work, and play.

AMRCP field tripThe project was born out of the work completed within the Albion and Marshall school systems, as each merged and our youth began to attend the same schools. Building on the tremendous courage and growth the students displayed, the adults in both communities began a process of dialogue with one another to build positive relationships that not only support our children, but also strengthen our region and celebrate our communities.

Year one of the AMRCP provided nearly 30 opportunities for residents from both cities to begin to engage, grow, learn, and heal. From field trips to movie screenings, book discussions, the arts, workshops, and structured dialogues, each event began the process of repairing broken bonds between neighbors, whether they be 12 steps or 12 miles apart.

Year two will continue that process, and carry us one step closer to our vision of creating a vibrant region where all people can flourish. Through a video series, we will share new stories that tell a larger narrative and demonstrate our commonalities and collective wealth. We will move from personal to community, forging new paths on a journey to build lasting partnerships that enrich our lives and communities, every step of the way.

Your personal involvement will help develop a vision of what resilient communities look like, through workshops, social events, and training. Our goal is to provide tools, information, and access to ongoing resources that will allow your participation and steadfast belief in our commonality to continue to grow.

Year two will also provide training for 150 professionals within Albion and Marshall using Starr Commonwealth’s recently refreshed Glasswing Racial Healing and Equity curriculum. In addition, 20 of those people will be trained as trainers in the coursework to expand the capacity of facilitation in the coming years, bringing us yet another step closer to the systemic change we envision. Glasswing participants will learn the value of listening and the importance of their role within the process of healing racism.

We invite you to be part of the transformation. We invite you to see and feel it in action, as the hard work of many individuals and organizations is tapped to showcase, connect, and draw each of us closer to one another. As each activity unwinds and the personal connections formed through each weave together, the common thread that connects us will become a rich tapestry. Through these activities, the true comfort that comes from calling Albion and Marshall home will be felt by all. Please join us, find your connection, and be part of the transformation!